Developer of George building to cooperate with authorities

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The developer at the site of the deadly building collapse in George in the Western Cape say they will cooperate with authorities involved in the investigation into the tragedy.

Liatel Developers say in a statement that they have ensured that they have representatives at the disaster site to assist in rescue efforts.

Managing Director Theuns Kruger also expressed sympathy with the families and the victims of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, George service clubs in the Western Cape, as well as NGOs, have distributed food parcels to the affected families.

These charity organisations have committed to providing for them for the next few months.

Carl van Blerk is from the Food Socks South Africa.

” We basically spring into action straight after the disaster so anywhere there is need for such as food at the moment. What we trying to do is to help these families for a lengthy time, three to four months. A lot of them have lost their breadwinners and even those who are able to recover work are going to be traumatised in a variety of ways, so we want to be there to help.”

Ramaphosa’s help

President Cyril Ramaphosa is on Thursday expected to visit the site of the collapsed building.

The death toll stands at 33, made up of at least seven South Africans.

Twelve workers are still in hospital and 19 others remain unaccounted for.

SABC News Reporter Lerato Fekisi speaks to one of the survivors: