‘SA will continue to support those whose rights have been violated’

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African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africa’s action to support Palestinians is not about taking any credit but a duty to help those whose rights have been violated.

He was speaking after receiving words of appreciation from some members of the International Muslim community at the governing party’s headquarters in Johannesburg.

Some leaders of the Muslim community from the United States, Europe and East Africa met top ANC leaders to express their appreciation for South Africa’s taking the Israel/Hamas conflict to the International Court of Justice.

But Ramaphosa says fighting for the Palestinian cause is what they have learnt from the founding father of South Africa’s democracy Nelson Mandela.

“The action that we took to support the people of Palestine was not really taken to earn any plaudits to earn any honors for us it was a duty to support those who are experiencing the violation of their basic human rights who are, in fact, been subjected to genocide and this is in line with the teachings that we received from first democratic president Nelson Mandela who made it very clear to all in sundry that our freedom as South Africans will not be complete until the freedom of the Palestinian people has been achieved.”