MK Party to descend onto Luthuli House despite Zuma DC postponement

MK party
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The MK Party is adamant that its members will still descend on the ANC’s headquarters in Johannesburg on Tuesday despite the ANC disciplinary committee hearing involving former president Jacob Zuma being postponed.

ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula has addressed a media conference in Johannesburg and says the DC hearing was postponed to an unspecified date because of security concerns.

Zuma is facing two charges within the ANC relating to an alleged breach of its constitution.

This comes after he publicly endorsed the MK party and has been campaigning for the new party.

MK party Spokesperson, Nhlamulo Ndhlela says, “We will be there as far as we are concerned. You know, we are there by invite. The ANC invited us over and they knew very well that wherever former President Jacob Zuma is, you know, we will be there to support him. So, for them to also refer to a provocation of sort, the mere fact that they can request the former president’s presence at Luthuli House for their kangaroo court DC before the elections is absurd. So, they brought this upon themselves and our president being the person who is not a coward, will definitely be there and in person. So, that is where we are at.”

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