Cosatu slams DA for its proposal to scrap national minimum wage

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The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has lashed out at the Democratic Alliance (DA) for its proposal to scrap the national minimum wage.

The DA staged a protest outside the Cosatu headquarters in Johannesburg last week, opposing the national minimum wage and asserting that should they win in the upcoming May 29 elections, they plan to gradually phase it out.

The DA is citing concerns over its impact on job opportunities and the financial burden it places on businesses.

However, Cosatu acting national spokesperson Matthew Parks has lambasted the DA for what he calls an attack on workers’ rights.

“It’s a bit sad and bizarre that they choose to blame workers, domestic, farm workers for economic challenges they’ve experienced for many years. It’s a bit strange to say our problem is because of the minimum wage and weird economic theory.”

Parks adds: “If people don’t have money for food and transport how will they be productive at work? We are not sure what’s so offensive about a minimum wage for DA. It has actually helped to reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy and reduce inequality and poverty. It’s a bizarre thing to say, pay people less and see how life will get better. To show the hypocrisy of the DA  have no problem with what you pay CEOs and what they pay themselves.”

2024 Elections | DA pickets against minimum wage outside Cosatu headquarters: John Steenhuisen