SACC to hold prayer for peaceful elections

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The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has called for a peaceful, non-violent election.

The Council of Churches will be convening a National Day of Prayer, with the main event in Soweto tomorrow, for the 2024 national general elections.

It has also called on political parties to refrain from using churches as canvassing platforms. Reverend Mzwandile Molo is the acting general secretary for the South African Council of Churches.

“The South African Council of Churches from a long time ago, even during the 1994 elections, have committed itself into working very hard in making sure that our elections are done in a peaceful, non intimidatory and very committed spirit of working together as a nation. So, if there’s anybody who incites violence, that person needs all of us to ask them to refrain from that because the scars of violence that is cause by politics are too deep and they have not healed right now. We all want to make sure that we do not remind ourselves of the violence of the past.”