Gauteng Health withdraws delegation to approve commuted overtime

SA aimed to be off the greylist by 2025
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The Gauteng Department of Health says in a bid to avoid getting in trouble with internal auditors for going above the allocated overtime budget, it has withdrawn its delegation to approve commuted overtime policy by hospital CEOs for 2024/25.

The department, in a statement, says the move aims to improve efficiency, maximize resources, and prevent system abuse.

It is also citing inequalities and irregularities in various disciplines.

Department spokesperson Motalatale Modiba says, “There was a need for the department to strengthen its policies, so that we create an environment that allows for uniformity. From time to time, the department gets flagged when it’s audited, to say that you seem to be having no control over how your committed overtime budget is utilised. In most facilities, they would go over the budget that is allocated.”

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