70% of South Africans report high stress levels: Ipsos survey

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Market research company, Ipsos, has revealed that around 70% of South Africans have endured stress levels that make them feel incapable of coping with life’s demands.

South Africa ranks among the highest in terms of people suffering from mental health disorders worldwide.

Reacting to this, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) says factors including the lack of confidence in government are contributing to this high figure.

SADAG Project Manager, Roshni Parbhoo Seetha says it’s important that people not shy away from seeking professional help or support.

“So, basically, 71% of South Africans are saying that stress has affected themselves in the last year multiple times over the last year to the point that they could not cope with things. 50% said they feel so stressed, they cannot go to work. At our call centre we receive over 2500 calls per day with people being overwhelmed and distressed.”