DA’s Steenhuisen calls for change in Bloemfontein

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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen has reiterated the need for change during his meeting with party supporters at the Bloemfontein City Hall during the party’s Rescue South Africa Tour last night.

Steenhuisen accompanied by some members of the Federal Council and the Provincial leadership told a packed city hall that the people of the Free State and Mangaung in particular have been suffering under the leadership of the ANC.

Steenhuisen told the gathering that it is time for his party to correct the wrongs created by the ANC.

“And let’s be honest, after 30 years of ANC corruption and ANC mismanagement, the odds are stacked heavily against the people of the Free State. Perhaps more than anywhere in South Africa, the Free State has suffered the most at the ANC misrule.”

“It has a strong claim to be the most mismanaged province in the entire country. And similarly good governance in Africa recently confirmed that Mangaung where we are tonight, was the worst run metro in the entire country. And this is despite the fact that Bloemfontein seats at the heart of our beautiful nation,” adds Steenhuisen.