Medupi Unit 4 restoration accelerated: Minister Ramokgopa

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Minister of Electricity, Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa says Unit 4 of the Medupi power station in Lephalale, Limpopo, will be restored earlier than anticipated following the arrival of a generator.

Ramakgopa had an oversight visit at Medupi and Matimba power stations in Lephalale to monitor performance.

Eskom has purchased a second hand generator from the Netherlands.

Ramakgopa has inspected the progress in the installation of the generator.

Ramokgopa is confident the procurement of the second generator stator will be a solution for now to ease load shedding, until 2025 when they purchase a new one.

The generator component arrived at Medupi last month from the Netherlands.

Eskom has spent about R40 million on it.

A new generator cost more than R350 million.

Ramokgopa says the second hand generator meets all requirements and testing has been done.

“They were able to find a second hand generator that meets all their requirements the testing was done as a cost-effective solution while we are still waiting for the new generator that is going to come at the end of 2025. Of course, now it has arrived what it means is that they are able to return Unit 4 much earlier than anticipated. The projection is that end of September – beginning of October it should really really ready to return the units which means we will have additional 800 megawatts.”

He however says internal security measures have been put in place to deal with sabotage at power stations. Some top Eskom executives are suspected of sabotage, which contributes to load shedding.

Ramokgopa says the issue of security requires serious attention.

The second hand generator will be installed in Unit Four, which was damaged in an explosion in 2021.

Minister Ramokgopa also monitors performance at Matimba power station, about 12 kilometers from Medupi.