Ekurhuleni is the ground zero for the doomsday coalition: Steenhuisen

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DA leader John Steenhuisen has described the City of Ekurhuleni as ground zero of what the party terms is a doomsday coalition between the EFF and ANC.

Steenhuisen made the comments in Springs today, where the party held it’s Rescue South Africa Road Show.

The City of Ekurhuleni is currently governed through an ANC-EFF coalition.

Steenhuisen adds that Ekurhuleni is nothing but a cautionary tale of what the country could become if governed by the ANC and EFF.

“But unfortunately, this City’s future has been squandered and it’s been squandered by the corruption in the ANC and the EFF. So instead of being known as the industrial heartland of South Africa, Ekurhuleni today has come to be symbolized as something much much more sinister. Because Ekurhuleni today is the ground zero for the doomsday coalition in South Africa.”