RAF urges pre-April 2022 claims to submit outstanding documents

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Road Accident Fund urges claimants who have submitted their claims before April 2022 to provide all outstanding documents to the Compensation Fund in order to finalise their claims.

The Fund currently has a backlog of 321 000 claims.

“We want to make sure that we get rid of these claims, all finalised as soon as possible to reduce our backlog. But also what it does is that it gets it, finalises claims that should have been finalised a long time ago. And hence we’re making this call that if you filed your claim before April 2022, we consider your claim that it should by now have been finalised and we’re calling for you to come forward with all the documentation that is needed.”

Polela says there are numerous ways claimants can submit their documents.

“Basically go to the website and it will guide you and you can check on what documents are missing and likewise if you have the time to go to our regional office please do so. we also have the record centre that we, you can also call us on 087 820 1111 just to check on the state of the claim and also what documentation is outstanding because we are keen to assist you.”