SA’s energy grid gradually stabilising: Ramokgopa

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South Africa’s energy grid is gradually stabilising, with a projected addition of at least 2500 Megawatts of new generation capacity within the next five months. Minister of Electricity was giving an update on the implementation of the energy action plan lauding the work done by Eskom in stabilising the grid.

Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa highlights a promising trend in reducing the severity of load shedding, saying the stability of the leadership structure at Eskom, the support to the entity from the Treasury, and delays in the decommissioning of some power stations are also starting to bear fruit.

“The ramping up of planned maintenance [is] very important. If you look at the period [between] December 2023 to January of 2024, we took out 18% of the total generation capacity, about 9000 megawatts at a go, for planned maintenance.”

“We are beginning to see that these machines are coming back into service, coming back on load and adding to the capacity on the grid. This is helping us to address the demand. We are getting to a situation where supply is more than demand,” adds Ramokgopa.

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