Regina Mundi Catholic Church celebrates Good Friday

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Scores of worshippers gathered at the iconic Regina Mundi Catholic Church in Soweto, to celebrate Good Friday. The church has a deep historical significance in South Africa, having played a pivotal role as a sanctuary for anti-apartheid activists escaping persecution by the security police.

This day is of great importance in the Christian religion as it marks the start of the Passion of Christ culminating with the celebration of Easter Sunday, signifying his resurrection. 74-year-old Mabel Khoza, has been attending the Regina Mundi church since she was a young girl.

“I have grown in this church from a young age until now and this church shows us that everything we do, we do as Jesus did. We go with the season of Jesus from birth until his death. That is why this church is so great and is so very important to us because it shows us that everything Jesus done on this earth, and we must be with him and trust him always.”

Another congregant, who joined the church more recently, Mduduzi Mdunge, says he felt the Easter spirit as soon as he walked through the doors of the church.

“It is so great you know for someone who is new here at Regina Mundi and it is also a very big church. It is so great you know because there is a lot of activities over the Easter weekend and for example I just had my confessional with the priest and I feel renewed and energised so it shows the power behind the easter weekend as a period in the catholic church.”

1976 Soweto uprising

The iconic Church is held in high regard by it’s congregants, as well as residents of Soweto, for the crucial role it played during the apartheid struggle.

Soweto resident Danny Dube, remembers the church being an important meeting point in the days leading up to the 1976 Soweto uprising.

“This is where everyone converged during the Soweto uprising and most of the political meetings took place in this church and that is why when the police found out about it, they used to come and surround this church and telling the students to disperse. And if they didn’t they started throwing in teargas cans as well as shooting. But no one was killed inside the church. and we still have bullet holes in the ceilings as well as the old windows. Even Archbishop Desmond Tutu used to come and address political meetings in this church and the late Dr ntate Motloane and those are just some of the people.”

The Church will continue to host daily services until Easter Monday.

Good Friday service at historical Regina Mundi Church in Soweto: