Motorists brace for another fuel price hike next week Wednesday

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Motorists should brace themselves for another fuel price hike next week Wednesday with the petrol price increasing by as much as 67 cents a litre.

The prices take effect from midnight on Tuesday next week.

Mineral Resources and Energy says petrol will increase by 65 cents a liter for 93 unleaded and and 67 cents for 95 unleaded.

Diesel with higher sulphur content will go up by three cents a litre while low sulphur diesel will decrease by over one cent a litre.

The department says the wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will decline by 29 cents a litre.

The increases are attributed to a slew of factors including an increase in the slate levy, higher carbon fuel levy and rising international oil prices.

Department spokesperson, Robert Maake says, “The reason for these adjustments are the higher oil prices and stronger rand for the period under review – the rand cushioned the prices. The department imposed a slate levy on both petrol and diesel. There is also an annual adjustment of the pipeline and road transport costs ranging from 0.3 cents to 14.2 cents in zone 17. The Department of Finance increased the carbon fuel levy on diesel and petrol. The fuel price in other zones will be different due to changes in the transport cost.”