Plagiarism allegations at UNISA

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The University of South Africa (UNISA) is currently investigating thousands of students accused of plagiarism.

The university’s online system is said to have flagged potential instances of copying and cheating during tests prompting a thorough examination of academic integrity.

Many students have blamed the academic institution for the inconsistencies in its online platform.

UNISA SRC President, Nkosinathi Mabilane, “We experienced a high number of these flags from the examination period of October -November 2023. The students who have flagged about 5 000 of them, but even in this 5 000, the investing management then came to the concession that look, first time offenders us will be given a re -opportunity to rewrite. So, there are students that were pardoned who were first time offenders. And there’s about 2 000 or less students that will repeat offenders and the university had to take them through the disciplinary processes of the university.”