RAF denies Numsa’s allegation of mismanagement

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The Road Accident Fund (RAF) has denied the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa’s (Numsa) allegation of mismanagement.

This after the RAF served an interdict on the union yesterday, to prevent a strike.

The union is demanding the resignation of the RAF CEO Collins Letsoalo.

The RAF spokesperson McIntosh Polela says, “It is unfortunate that Numsa has decided to target the CEO for an attack and continue to cast aspersions on him as if the RAF is a one-man show. RAF has a lot of competent people, that are running the organisation.”

He adds: “We have engaged in good faith with Numsa, we held a meeting with them. And we notified them that we were going to court on Tuesday night and we after that, then went to the Board to canvass the legitimate issues that they’ve raised. But they’ve decided to go on a media campaign to raise them in a very crude and uncivilised manner.”

VIDEO | RAF spokesperson McIntosh Polela has more on the strike interdict and Numsa’s allegations:

Numsa has accused Letsoalo of running the fund into the ground and says that it would challenge the interdict.

The union’s Phakamile Hlubi Majola says. “We definitely think that the CEO is mismanaging the entity. You only have to look at the state of the RAF now for you to see that there’s been little progress under the leadership of Letsoalo, and things are getting worse. As recently as two- weeks ago, the RAF at the East London branch had furniture taken. How do you work for an entity, whose core mandate is the paying out of claims, yet they can’t even do that properly, which results in judgments and sheriffs coming to attach assets of the entity.”

NUMSA calls for RAF’s CEO Collins Letsoalo to be fired: