Cycling charity tour under way aimed at helping the needy

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A group of cyclists have embarked on an extreme cycling for hunger tour targeted at four provinces, including the Northern Cape. As part of their more than 1000 kilometre tour, they stopped in Kimberley to donate food parcels, gardening tools, chairs and other necessities.

The cyclists say they also want to create awareness about the hunger and poverty plaguing the country.

As they go through different towns, 24 cyclists donate food parcels, gardening tools and other necessities to the less fortunate. The latest beneficiary is the Elizabeth Conradie School for the Disabled in Kimberley. Cyclists say hunger remains a huge challenge in the country — and they are trying to assist where they can.

“To see how people are living and the conditions and hunger out there that we don’t see in day to day lives. That really hit and it made me way and stop actually moaning at little about little things and really get involved with meals on wheels,” says Neil Crosthwaite a cyclist.

“The schools mean a lot to me. Children with special needs, I think, you know, they are precious gifts of God and this school promotes those children to become the best they are,” adds another cyclist Jackie Slabbert.

The Principal of Elizabeth Conradie Special School says the donation they received from Cycling Tour for Charity will go a long way. The school has 352 learners. Head of the School, Martha Van Zyl, says they appreciate the efforts shown by the Charity.

“This is a huge huge contribution. We receive food parcels. We do feeding scheme at our school, so we will be able to feed our disabled learners with the food parcels.”

60 years of feeding the hungry

A public relations manager of Meals on Wheels, a non governmental organization, Gershon Naidoo, says the initiative is part of celebrating their 60 years of feeding the hungry.

“And along the way we know we did deliver 400 food parcels, also help in other ways like blankets for some of the schools, sports equipment, and as you saw today agricultural equipment. So the purpose again is just to raise awareness of the plight of the hungry in South Africa to see so many of this.”

The hunger charity tour is expected to end in Cape Town next week. Cyclists hope more people will join them to fight the scourge of poverty.

Additional reporting Tebogo Msimanga