UDM hopes upcoming elections will mark return of party’s good fortune

Bantu Holomisa
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The United Democratic Movement will launch its Election Manifesto at Midrand’s Gallagher Conference Centre.

The party, which celebrated its 26th anniversary five months ago, is one of the first breakaways from the ANC. It has been in steady decline since 1999 when it held 14 seats in the National Assembly, now holding just two following the 2019 elections.

Leader Bantu Holomisa is optimistic that the 2024 national and provincial elections will mark a return of the party’s good fortune.

“Although we always call a spade, a spade, the UDM speaks in a positive language e.g. job creation, civil order, and clean governance, creating a world class nation and hope. And finally, this party of ours is still the champion of all communities, but we need to go back to our roots, learn from our mistakes and go into 2024, (re-energised) to transform South Africa into a winning nation.”

2004 saw it fall to 9 seats, then to 4 seats in 2009 and 2014.

In 2019, the party garnered just two seats in the 2019 polls. But with its reputation for a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and promotion of good governance, the party is confident that it can win the support of a sizable number of South Africa’s 27,6 million eligible voters.

Expectations ahead of UDM manifesto launch:

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