Usindiso building not suitable for human habitation, Commission hears

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The Commission of Inquiry into the Usindiso building fire in Marshalltown has heard that the building was not suitable for human habitation.

City of Johannesburg Acting Executive Director for Planning and Development, Eric Raboshaga says the building is classified as an industrial building according to the buildings Act.

The fire at the hijacked building in Johannesburg claimed the lives of 77 people last year.

Raboshaga explains, “If there’s a factory, can that factory be converted and just be used for residential purposes?…..absolutely not chairperson, there are processes that the scheme sets out.”

Chairperson: “What are those processes?”

Raboshaga: “Building plans must be submitted and approved, followed by the issuance of the occupancy certificate by the city before those rights can be exercised.”

Meanwhile, last week, Joburg EMS rejected testimony of witnesses who claim the first two fire engines on the scene had little to no water.

Emergency Services officials made a second appearance before the Commission of Inquiry into the fire.

The video below is reporting more on the story