Country ready to go to elections: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says with the proclamation of the election date the country is now ready to go to elections. He was speaking to the media after he proclaimed the 29th of May as the election date into the Government Gazette.

Eligible voters still have until midnight tonight to register to vote. Ramaphosa also says he is confident in the IEC to deliver free and fair elections.

“I have made the announcement of the date for elections and the proclamations is now out, basically means that the it’s all systems go the country is ready to go elections. The IEC is also ready and the IEC is a highly professional body that has been able to run elections without any hint of any doubt whatsoever, and I do believe that they will be able to run a free, fair and credible election. We will now ready to welcome the world to come and observe how our elections will be run during our campaign and also on the day of election.”

President Ramaphosa confident in the IEC to deliver free and fair elections:

Final registration

Eligible first-time voters in this year’s general elections can register on the Electoral Commission’s online portal platform or by visiting the IEC’s local offices.

IEC Vice-Chairperson Janet Love provides an update on the IEC’s readiness, ahead of the 2024 National and Provincial elections.

“In engaging with young people over the last few years and we very clear that most of the young people in our country are no in any way disengaged in political activity, but many of them just have not seen elections as the platform and we encouraging young people to recognise and come out in their numbers to make a difference. So we are hopeful and we have seen some changes towards attitudes in elections but we do know young people are engaged.”

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