MPs cease to be public representatives from midnight 28 May

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All Members of Parliament will cease to be public representatives at midnight on the 28th May, just before the national and provincial elections.

This is according to the Secretary to the National Assembly Masibulele Xaso when outlining the programme of the institution prior the expiry date of its term.

He says this is contained in both, the rules of the House and the Constitution.

Xaso was speaking during a meeting of the National Assembly Programme Committee

“I would like to read Honourable Speaker Rule 351 for the benefit of all members. All business before the assembly or any assembly committee on the last sitting day of a term of the assembly or when the assembly is dissolved lapse at the end of that day. So that is what happens, last sitting day of the term. And then the issue of…after the 29th, the house can only sit only once it is constituted again. So 28th of May members cease to be members at midnight. So, between the 29th and the first sitting of the National Assembly, there are no members of the National Assembly.”