Accused 2 in Meyiwa trial grilled about his evidence

Senzo Meyiwa court room
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Accused number 2 in the Senzo Meyiwa case, Bongani Ntanzi, has been accused of fabricating evidence to suit his version of events.

Ntanzi is being cross-examined at the High Court in Pretoria on his allegations that he was assaulted and tortured by the police following his arrest.

Ntanzi and four others are accused of the murder of the Bafana Bafana Captain who was shot and killed in 2014.

State Prosecutor Ronnie Sibanda says the vehicle tracking data does not support Ntanzi’s version that he was assaulted near a dumping site in Soweto.

Sibanda: I put it to you that you are fabricating what you said happened at the dumping site2, it never happened.

Ntanzi: My Lord, I’m denying what the state is saying. I was the one who was there.

Sibanda: The fact that is in the AVL that you were at the garage is not the truth?

Ntanzi: I believe I never mentioned anything about time. I can’t even explain this document it was not written by me.

Ntanzi insists he was assaulted and choked with a plastic bag multiple times following his arrest in June 2020.

He also said he did not bath for days and was denied the right to a phone call in order to inform his family about his arrest.

Sibanda has been poking holes in Ntanzi’s testimony.

Sibanda said there was no entry in any of the occurrence books at various police stations Ntanzi was taken to, stating that he had been assaulted or had any visible injuries.

Ntanzi said the officers that were present during the alleged assault were responsible for the written entries.