Families urged to send inmates their IDs to register to vote

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The Electoral Commission (IEC) together with the Department of Correctional Services have urged families of prisoners to deliver their identity documents to different correctional facilities.

This in a bid to get offenders who are eligible to vote, registered ahead of the upcoming elections. The commission says it has noted that a number of offenders do not keep IDs in their possession.

Voter registrations for inmates started yesterday and will run until the 1st of February.

Families of offenders that have been transferred to different provinces or remote towns, are urged to deliver ID documents of the inmates to their local correctional facilities, as the Department of Correctional Services will facilitate the delivery to the relevant correctional facilities, were inmates are incarcerated.

The department assures families that necessary measures will be put in place to ensure the safe keeping of the documents. Inmates will be registered for voting districts in which their home address falls.

The IEC is currently preparing for the second and final voter registration, which will be held this weekend. However, online voter registrations will remain open until President Cyril Ramaphosa announces the election date.