Uganda distances itself from judge who voted in favour of Israel

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Uganda’s government has distanced itself from the opinion of a Ugandan judge who sits on the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In noting the opinion of Judge Julia Sebutinde, who voted in the minority against all of the court’s provisional measures against Israel, Uganda’s Foreign Ministry says in a statement that the judge’s opinion did not in any way reflect the position of the Republic of Uganda.

Uganda judge votes against ICJ measures:

Uganda’s statement also reiterated its position on Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, associating itself with the positions taken by the Non-Aligned Movement in Kampala recently, which included a call for an immediate end to the Israeli military’s aggression and the siege of Gaza.

The statement says Uganda was seeking to clarify that the Judge’s opinion was “her own and independent” and that it did not reflect the position of the government.

Sebutinde dissent opinion says South Africa did not show that the acts allegedly committed by Israel were done with the necessary genocidal intent.