Koeberg nuclear station completes critical load rejection test

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South Africa’s sole nuclear power facility, Koeberg, is set to undertake a crucial full load rejection test on Unit One.

Eskom has deemed this test necessary following the recent installation of new steam generators. The primary objective of this examination is to validate and showcase the unit’s capability to supply auxiliary load and smoothly return to steady-state conditions after an abrupt disconnection from the national grid.

Eskom emphasizes that this test aligns with the South African Grid Code (SAGC), mandating evaluations when modifications are implemented.

Preceding the comprehensive load rejection test, various commissioning tests were successfully executed.

Eskom has expressed confidence in the anticipated success of this final evaluation.

In the unlikely scenario of a test failure leading to a unit trip, Eskom assures that the Koeberg team is well-prepared to respond promptly, prioritizing the safe return of the unit to operational status.