Families help in rescue efforts in Ladysmith

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The families of people who were washed away by flash floods in Ladysmith in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands have joined search and rescue teams to look for their loved ones.

The death toll stands at six. A further ten people are still missing. Heavy rains forced the banks of the Bellspruit River to burst, largely affecting the occupants of a caravan park in the area.

Johannes Msimang says he lost seven children but that the bodies of just three of them have been found so far.

“My kids had visited the home of one of my child’s in laws at night of Christmas eve. On their way back, they were traveling in a bakkie they never reached our home. Then yesterday, we started hearing that there were cars that were washed away by floods, then since they were not home, we decided to come and see here, I had seven children in that car I am not sure how many others were with them.”

Search efforts continue: