Suspected contract killers arrested in KZN

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KwaZulu-Natal Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi says police are investigating the possibility that three men who have been arrested in the Durban suburb of Sydenham, were hired for a contract killing.

The arrests came after police received a tip-off of a stolen car spotted at a holiday lodge. Upon investigation, police found two recently hijacked cars, four pistols, nine fully loaded magazines and eight bullet proof vests.

Mkhwanazi says the suspects are believed to be gangsters from Delft in Cape Town.

“They had eight bullet proof vests which still looks brand new and an empty rifle bag which makes us believe there is a rifle somewhere. The reason why they came here is still unknown. The equipment they had with them, they came for a mission so they might have come here to eliminate competitors somehow or kill someone and go back to Cape Town, so it’s something that worries us a lot.”

Mkhwanazi says KwaZulu-Natal police will work with their counterparts in Cape Town to profile the suspects.

“And we know the gangs that we’ve been dealing with for some time, it’s always about communication for drugs, that is always the issue. So, them being here, not even fluent in English but strictly Afrikaans that’s what they speak most of the time. They cannot just come here with bullet proof vests, with handguns, double magazines for no reason, somebody hired them to come here.”