Learners warned against pens-down parties

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The National Association of School Governing Bodies is urging learners not to attend the so-called pens down parties, to celebrate the end of exams.

This follows the hospitalisation of five teenagers, last Saturday, after over-drinking at a pens-down party at the East London beachfront.

The General Secretary of the National Association of School Governing Bodies, Matakanye Matakanya says such parties are dangerous.

“We were all once children, we know what peer pressure means. But peer pressure does not mean that you must destroy your life. We have seen all these new trends that at the end take lives. So, as parents, we can’t just sit and say it is their time. It is the peer pressure, we have to guide. We’re there to guide these young lives.”

KZN matriculants urged to avoid ‘pens-down parties’: Muzi Mahlambi