15 mineworkers resurface Bakubung Platinum Mine 

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The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has confirmed that 15 more protesting mineworkers have resurfaced from their underground sit-in at the Bakubung Platinum Mine in Ledig in the North West.

Yesterday, 24 striking miners resurfaced due to chronic medical conditions.

Today marks the third day of the sit-in, where more than 200 mineworkers have refused to resurface after their shift on Wednesday morning.

The miners are protesting over management’s alleged discriminatory practices as well as salary increases.

“Today, we managed to take out 15 from underground. It’s around 245 that is still underground and we are looking to underground again this afternoon to try and persuade them to come from underground. As you can understand, today is Friday and if they can’t come from underground today then there is the possibility that they will remain underground for the whole weekend,” says NUM Deputy Regional Chairperson, Fanie Selaelo.

Meanwhile, Numsa says it is disappointed that the mine is not engaging with them: