ANC’s successive failures forced millions to live in shacks: Msimang

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African National Congress (ANC) veteran Mavuso Msimang says the successive failures of the ANC have forced over four million people to live in shacks while others beg on the streets.

This is contained in his strongly worded four-page resignation letter to the ANC.

Msimang has left the ANC after being a member for more than 60 years.

He painted a country of two nations – one rich and the other very poor under the ANC in almost 30 years of its governance.

In his letter, he says as ANC leaders proclaim ownership of wealthy homesteads and send their children to the best schools in the land, there are still many South Africans whose children continue to be exposed to the risk of falling into pit latrines in poorly equipped public schools.

He also laments the state of public healthcare where he says poor people die before ambulances can reach them, or perish in the hallways of overflowing, under-resourced public hospitals.

Mavuso Msimang resigns from ANC: