Mashatile optimistic about ANC victory amid challenges

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African National Congress (ANC) deputy president Paul Mashatile says he is confident that the party will emerge victorious in next year’s general elections, despite service delivery problems in the country.

He took the party’s election campaign to the Buffalo City Metro in the Eastern Cape, where he took part in a number of community engagements including door-to-door visits.

Mashatile encourages party volunteers to be visible in their communities and proactive in addressing challenges.

The community of Ginsberg is plagued by issues of water scarcity, unemployment and housing, amongst others. They are calling on the ANC’s top leadership to look into these challenges.

Some claim that housing lists are manipulated and there is nepotism when it comes to jobs.

“We don’t even have food, we are hungry as l am speaking to you. We don’t even have water,” says one resident.

Another one adds, “The job projects do come out from the councilor but the Ward committees; our ward committees don’t come to us for those work opportunities.”

“Even now there is no water. Even yesterday, we didn’t have water. It is very inconsistent and when we do have water it’s dirty,” laments this resident.

Mashatile is committed to solving the problems of this community.

“We don’t campaign to lose. We are very confident that we will win this election particularly because elections are about people. If you work with them and deal with the challenges they are faced with they appreciate that. We’re picking it up as we do in this campaign that they are happy and they remind us not to come to us when elections come. Come all the time and that is what we are doing and in that way, we will win the elections.”

Mashatile will conclude his visit to the province by attending a church service in East London.