Kimberley residents hope elections will bring jobs, better services

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Some Kimberley residents say the need for better services and job creation is at the heart of their decision to register to vote. Residents insist that they want a government that will change their lives for the better and deal with the more than 40% unemployment rate in the Northern Cape.

Meanwhile, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in the Northern Cape is gunning to have 6 000 new registered voters.

Both the young and old visited voting stations around Kimberley to either confirm their details or register for the first time. They say they will not miss their opportunity to have a say at the ballot box next year.

“We have to vote for a party that will support our country’s needs,” says one of the residents. Another resident says; “Service delivery, a government that will deal with unemployment because we see an unemployment rate that is very high, especially with the youth.”

Others are calling for a stronger economy.  “We need a stronger economy and there could be more work for people.”

It has been a slow day at Northern Cape IEC stations: 

While the IEC in the Northern Cape had hoped to attract more new voters, it says more than 14 000 new registrations were recorded by Sunday afternoon. But IEC provincial manager Elkin Topkin says achieving their target is proving to be a challenge.

“To get to 10% is going to be a big step, but we are still upbeat about it. In a nutshell, we are still hoping to achieve the 10%  growth, especially from the youth. Once again encourage your friends, encourage your family, and be a good influence. We have the slogan to say, ‘Own your democracy’.”

The IEC says those who missed this weekend’s registrations still have another opportunity next year or can still register online.