Accused No 2’s version of events consistent with Mogane’s testimony

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The version given by Accused No2 in the Senzo Meyiwa trial is consistent with some aspects of what Sergeant Vusumuzi Mogane told the Pretoria High Court about what happened around the time that Bongani Ntanzi says he was assaulted and tortured by the police.

This is one of the key concessions made by Mogane – an officer who transported Ntanzi to different locations as the investigation into Meyiwa’s murder continued.

According to Ntanzi, after his arrest on 16 June 2020, he was taken to an open area in Alberton next to a garage where he was assaulted.

Ntanzi’s version is that while they were at the garage other officers, including previous witness Constable Logan Jonathan, arrived and that is when the assault began in the presence of Mogane.  

Mngomezulu: I wish you to note this one before I proceed. At all these times, Marle, Fraser, Albermarle, Germiston, Alberton. Where is the escort? 

Mogane: They were there. 

Mngomezulu: You mean Jonathan, Buthelezi, Maphumulo, the late Mabena and the accused.  

Mogane: Yes, that is true. 

Mogane, despite denying that Ntanzi was assaulted, has told the court that this was consistent with exactly what happened when they spent about four hours at a garage in Alberton the night before Ntanzi made his first alleged confession at the Moroka Police Station. 

Mngomezulu: And that is consistent with the accused’s version. 

Mogane: Yes! 

Mngomezulu: The other thing that is consistent with the accused’s version is that where you were there was a petrol station.  

Mogane: Yes, there is an Engen garage where we were. 

Mngomezulu: The only thing that you deny is that the accused was assaulted. 

Mogane: That I dispute. 

Mngomezulu has been taking Mogane through a detailed account of how the 18 hours Ntanzi was booked out on the 18th of June 2020 was spent. This is when Mogane says the accused was transported to his former workplace in Carletonville to verify his whereabouts on the day Meyiwa was shot and killed on the 26th of October 2014.

According to Mogane, from Carlentonvile they drove to Alberton where he was to conduct investigations of other crimes before they experienced mechanical issues as they approached Alberton.

Mogane says the only reason they were at the garage in Alberton’s Verwoerdpark was because of problems with the car they were driving.

He says on his way from Carletonville, with his colleague, the late Steven Mabena, as well as Ntanzi in the Toyota Fortuner, he noticed something wrong with the car and a smell of smoke.  

He says it was only after they called Brigadier Bongani Gininda that he instructed them to Jonathan and other officers to come and provide escort for them.  

Mogane says he drove the car into the garage where he noticed smoke coming from the wheels while the engine oil light was on.

He says since it was late, they couldn’t get the mechanics from the SAPS, but after a few hours the car cooled down and they proceeded to Pretoria without the escort of the officers who had arrived at the garage. 

Mngomezulu accuses the witness of fabricating stories. 

Mngomezulu: You are making this up. All the police officers have denied they were ever at a garage. They denied they ever escorted you. They said the only time they escorted you was to Moroka. This is a total fabrication. 

Mogane: If I recall, you only asked me about going to Moroka. This day that you are asking me about is the first time you are asking me about it. 

The trial continues.