54% of W Cape clinics at ideal status

Patient being checked
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The Western Cape Department of Health says Ideal Clinic status has been awarded to 54% of its clinics.

The framework for Ideal Clinic status has been set out by national government and requires clinics to work towards improving basic care at health care facilities.

Clinics are required to a wide range of services including a dedicated team for the treatment of tuberculosis, address health issues specific to men and the introduction of youth services.

Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Social Services JP Smith says the city now has 57 ideal clinics in the Metro.

Smith says, “We are committed to achieving this feat at all the clinics by 2019/20. It is an important tool, because it sets out norms and standards that have to be attained but also sustained in order to retain the status. Not only does it clarify expectations for staff, but it is also a clear service level agreement for clients who know what to expect from our health services.”