About 5 000 lesser flamingo chicks risk dying in Northern Cape

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About 5 000 lesser flamingo chicks are in danger of dying due to the low levels of the Kamfersdam in Kimberley,  Northern Cape.

More than a thousand Flamingos have already started breeding on the pan. The dam hosts the largest colony of Lesser Flamingo in Africa.

Apparently, no water has been pumped into the dam for the past three months.

However, the Sol Plaatje Municipality’s Sello Matsie denies that water is not been pumped into the dam, blaming the supply of water they are getting.

“No, it’s not true. There is a decrease in what we are getting. We are getting 20 mega litres per day and after removing solid waste, the raw sewage, you are left with about 10 mega litres, which must be shared amongst primary users, and indeed yes, we are also concerned.”