Leader of the African Content Movement (ACM) Hlaudi Motsoeneng says South Africans should own 90 percent of the economy.

He was speaking at the launch of his party’s 2019 national election manifesto in Durban. Motsoeneng has set out the ACM’s six-month implementation plan if it is voted into power. He says 90 percent of jobs in the country will also be held by South Africans, particularly blacks.

He said, “For the first time in South Africa, when I ascend to the Union Building, when ACM ascends to the Union Building, we are not going to negotiate change. We are going to force change. We are going to implement change. What we know at the ACM, we don’t know English, we know implementation, we know action, we know plan, we know vision in South Africa.”

Motsoeneng has referred to the ACM’s election candidates as servants rather than politicians.

“In South Africa we need fresh air. In South Africa we need to refresh South Africa. Don’t vote Old Testament. Vote New Testament, which is ACM.”

Weighing in on the court judgment regarding the SABC not taking his manifesto launch live on TV, he said, “The court today, they denied South Africans to have different ideas to compete equally. Because it is very important that all political parties are given airtime. In my view all these parties that are now emerging, they should be given more time. More time than the ruling party.”