28 Life Esidimeni patients still missing says DA

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) says 28 Life Esidimeni patients are still missing.

DA Gauteng shadow health MEC Jack Bloom says this follows the missing person cases that he laid with the police earlier this year.

This was after close to 150 patients died after being transferred to NGO’s from Life Esdimeni earlier.

Bloom says while he is pleased that the original list of 62 has been reduced to 28 patients, there is a decreasing chance of finding them all since they were discharged two years ago from Esidimeni to illegally registered NGOs.

“According to information that I have received from the police, there are now 28 missing patients from Life Esidimeni. They found 34 so far but I think it has become very urgent to locate the remaining 28 patients. Some of them could have died; some could be in terrible circumstances. It’s long overdue that we find out what happened to every single one of them and rescue those who can be rescued.”