23 lives lost on Limpopo roads since start of Easter holidays

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Twenty-three people have died in Limpopo since the start of the Easter holidays. The Transport Department says most of the vehicles involved in the accidents were sedans that collided head-on.

Spokesperson, Matome Moremi-Taueatsoala, says the major cause of some of the accidents was reckless driving. The province’s roads carried high traffic volumes as holidaymakers were making their way back from various destinations.

Police and the traffic officers maintained high visibility.

“In terms of fatalities in the province, we have got almost 25 people that have been declared dead since the beginning of Easter and most of those vehicles that are involved are sedans. We are really calling on our people to be patient with each other because as we look at the cause of accidents it is mostly head-on collisions where people were speeding and overtaking where it was not safer for them to do so,” adds Moremi-Taueatsoala.

Traffic volumes on the rise on Limpopo roads: 

Meanwhile, motorists who were travelling south towards Gauteng had to queue for a long time before reaching the main toll gates along the N1 in the province.

Some motorists were frustrated over the waiting turnaround time before reaching toll gates like Nyl Plaza.

“An hour and a half already, it is terrible, it is terrible especially on an Easter weekend. We are going to Johannesburg, it is been three hours, we have been stuck here from I think it was 12 o’clock up until now, it is a little bit slow,” says one of the motorists.

The number of vehicles that crossed through the Kranskop Toll Plaza went as high as 2 500 vehicles per hour on Monday afternoon.