2022 IEB matric class achieves 98.42% pass rate

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The Independent Examinations Board’s (IEB) 2022 matric class has achieved a 98.42% pass rate, a small improvement compared to last year’s 98.39%.

In a statement, the IEB says 89.32% of the candidates achieved entry to degree study, compared to 89.2% in 2021.

IEB Chief Executive Officer Anne Oberholzer has congratulated the class for making it despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“While the class of 2022 has seen how previous Grade 12 classes of 2020 and 2021 managed to adapt to a new reality, this was the class that missed out the most in their Grade 10 and Grade 11 years which are fundamentally important to success in their grade 12 performance. They have had to work hard to maintain their drive and perseverance to succeed and in many respects, dig deep to play catch-up in terms of lost time and experiences. The IEB congratulates the candidates, their teachers and parents for a job extraordinarily well done,” she says.

According to Oberholzer, the results are an effect of measures that were put in place to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

“Various strategies have been employed to try and mitigate these (effects of COVID-19) – moving teaching online, pen and paper distance education, catch-up programs, weekend school lessons and so on – some more successful than others,” says Oberholzer.

13 525 candidates wrote their IEB exams in 2022 and 7.52% qualified for entry to diploma study, compared to 7.82% in 2021.