2014 elections most contested since 1994

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Co- Chairperson from the National Coordinating Forum Election 2014, Nkosikhulile Nyembezi, says that this year’s election is promising to be the most contested election since the dawn of democracy.

Political parties are campaigning across the country convincing their constituencies that they will deliver on their promises should they vote them into power on May 7.

In a Morning Live interview, he says that it remains to be seen if the election would live up to the hype that it has created thus far.

He says that the “born frees” have not registered in their numbers like it was hoped for, but it’s still okay as most of their peers have registered to vote.

Vote No” campaign was just a diversion to confuse voters

“Voters should be cautious and cast their votes wisely at the elections poll and vote with a sound mind,” says Nyembezi.

He adds that the “No Vote” campaign was just a diversion to confuse voters. “The last 30 days are most important in the build up to elections. To introduce the concept so late is a political ploy and it will not have such a vast impact on elections,” he says.

Nyembezi has encouraged the youth to go and vote.-Edited by Sherita Meyers

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