20 more houses reportedly demolished by KZN tornado

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Community workers say another 20 houses have been confirmed as demolished by the tornado that struck in Utrecht in KwaZulu-Natal.

This is in addition to the earlier reports of 20 houses damaged at Watervaal Correctional Services in the area. Relief efforts are continuing.

Member of the Newcastle Growth Coalition Johan Pieterse says it is becoming difficult because there is no electricity in the area.

“About 10 kilometres further on another settlement of 20 houses have totally been destroyed as well the situation at this stage is very bad. Due to the fact that on Watervaal Prison itself and at the community there –  there is no power. We are now trying to assist with gas and with generators to get to the Watervaal prison, to assist and prepare food for tonight. We also trying to get food for the other establishment that we just now heard has been demolished totally.”

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