19-year-old suspect arrested following a shootout with police in KZN

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A 19-year-old suspect has been arrested after he survived the shootout that claimed the lives of 2 other suspects on the M13 after Stapleton Road in Pinetown, west of Durban.

It is alleged that a shootout ensued after police tried to stop the vehicle that was driven by the suspects.

Police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says the arrested suspect will be charged with attempted murder of police officers and will appear in court soon.

Preliminary investigations proved that the vehicle was hijacked at Umbilo earlier this month. He says these suspects have been linked to a number of criminal activities around the area.

“Vigilant police officers spotted a vehicle which matched the description of one which was seen at various crime scenes and ordered the driver to stop. The suspects defied police instructions and drove off at high speed. Realising that the police were catching up with them, the suspects started shooting at the police and a shootout ensued. The suspects were positively linked with the murder of police warrant officer, Mike Jameson who was murdered in Umbilo in May 2022. They were also linked with car-jackings and armed robberies in Umbilo and Bellair.” adds Netshiunda.