14 taxis impounded over the weekend: City of Cape Town

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The City of Cape Town says 14 minibus-taxis have been impounded in the metro over the weekend.

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, says that eight taxis had been taken off the roads on Friday and a further six on Saturday.

He says that the vehicles were impounded in line with an agreement reached with the taxi organisation, Santaco, just a few days ago.

This follows an eight-day stayaway by taxi operators over the impoundment of mini-buses for various traffic violations. Smith says that only one of the 14 taxis that have recently been impounded fell outside the agreement.

He says the taxi had been pulled off for overloading with four people and has since been released. Smith elaborates on the violations for which the other minibuses have been impounded.

“The other taxis were impounded for the serious offences as agreed upon with Santaco and these are impoundments under the NLTA for (a) vehicles driving without an operating license, or (b) on the incorrect route, or (c) without a driver’s license or PDP, or (d) which are not roadworthy.”

Meanwhile, Santaco says it will file a court interdict today to stop the City of Cape Town from impounding its members’ taxis.

The association has accused the city of impounding several minibus taxis over the weekend, despite last week’s agreement not to do so.