13 people arrested in Kwabhaca service delivery protests

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Thirteen people have been arrested for public violence after a group of residents from villages around Kwabhaca in the Eastern Cape blockaded the N2 with rocks and logs.

Police used rubber bullets to disperse the protesters. Residents of four villages Essek, Sibangweni, Ngxabaxha and Majuba say the government has neglected them for many years.

Their demands include water, electricity and roads.

Community leader Siseko Mxabo says: “We are neglected. That’s why we decided to come to the N2, but  on our arrival here police didn’t even listen to our grievances, they just shot at us and arrested some of us. We see other villages getting services but we are by-passed.”

Meanwhile, Umzimvubu Local Municipal communications manager, Nokhanyo Zembe, says the issues that the residents have raised are being addressed.

She says the ward councillor together with the community are busy establishing a steering committee.