The Department of Basic Education says it will provide psycho-social support for a 12 year old learner who was allegedly raped in Bulwer in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

It is believed that the learner was turned away at her school after she arrived without a mask, and was raped on her walk back home.

Spokesperson for the department of Basic Education Terrence Khala says, “The rape of this Grade 7 learner once again sheds light on gender-based violence that continues to rip through South Africa.”

“The minister has called for an end to GBV but also calls for swift action to be taken against the perpetrators. She commends the swift action that has been taken by the SAPS in apprehending the 17 year old suspect, the department will continue to ensure that the learner who is a minor receives the necessary support.”

Grade 7 pupil raped on way home from school to fetch face mask:


Professor Hayley Walker-Williams says loopholes in the justice system are also adding to the scourge.

The North West University scholar says victims of gender-based violence who continue to receive threatening communication from perpetrators behind bars are not only left terrified, but they may also end up withdrawing charges.

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently told South Africans that the government has strengthened the justice criminal system more effectively to deal with gender-based violence cases.

Ramaphosa has called for an end to the scourge, while also advocating for stronger legislation in dealing with what he calls South Africa’s second pandemic.