To mark Mandela Month, a faith-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the North West, has donated a specialised wheel-chair to a disabled 12-year-old girl in Madibe village, Mahikeng.

Although Johanna Monageng was born healthy, her health began to deteriorate six days after her birth, leaving her completely dependent on her unemployed mother. And that has left her mother Nnoko Monageng puzzled to this day.

“I gave birth to a healthy child but after six days she fell ill. She wasn’t breastfeeding anymore and stares out into space and not even sleeping. We went to the hospital and stayed there for seven days. They said she had too much bile and they had to get it out but after we were discharged and came back to Madibe I noticed that she had changed drastically. She is much smaller than before,” Nnoko.

The founder of the non-governmental organisation, Centra Social Development, Centra Cindi has appealed for more help for the child.

“My concern is after we leave here what then. What is going to happen so what I am looking for actually I am appealing to the community from everybody those who have to come and assist us. I am looking for somebody who can volunteer and take this child to a special school because as we are standing here now we don’t even know what happened to the child what is wrong with the child,” says Cindi.