Democracy Gauge

What is a Democracy Gauge?

As South Africa commemorates 25 years of democracy in 2019, SABC News has embarked on a project that highlights the successes, failures and challenges facing the country’s citizenry. The Democracy Gauge is SABC News’ storytelling device to review the 25 years of the South African democracy. It will profile 210 South Africans in 2019. This project will bring back the custom of oral tradition which is steeped in African culture, but has been largely forgotten. It puts the citizen at the front and centre of the story of South Africa’s democracy, allowing citizens to tell their stories, in their own voices, languages and locations.

There is only one compulsory question from the journalist. How do you rate South Africa’s democracy and why?

 Denotes our democracy is in danger
 Signifies that our country needs to pay attention to failures
 Indicates that our democracy is healthy and progressing well