A group, who call themselves concerned members of the ANC alliance in Gauteng, say they might be compelled to seek intervention of the Zimbabwean army to help oust President Jacob Zuma.

The group says Zuma’s exit as the country’s leader is long overdue.

They told a media briefing in Pretoria that if President Zuma is not recalled by the party’s NEC, they will bring the country to a standstill.

A call to support a planned shutdown came as the NEC plans to meet on Monday.

The group urges all South Africans, including the police and the media, not to report to work on Monday.

It has also called on learners not to go to school.

National convener for the ‘Zuma Must Go’ march, Hangwi Maumela says they are not afraid of any possible action taken against them.

He says the ANC can’t discipline them when it had failed to discipline Zuma. Maumela says their protest action is going ahead as planned.

“We are calling to everybody that ‘Please, do not go work.’ Whether you’re a police, nurse, doctor, garden boy or work at the border gate, because this crisis that we are facing, it affects us (all).”

Maumela says if the party’s NEC doesn’t listen to them they won’t hesitate to seek external intervention, including the Zimbabwean army.

“We will show you what you’ve never seen, because I was even talking to our comrades that why don’t we go to Zimbabwe and borrow their army there and go to Mahlamba Ndlopfu and remove everything there.”

ANC Spokesperson, Pule Mabe says the #ZumaMustGo must be investigated.

Mabe says only the NEC has been mandated to make pronouncements on the issue of Zuma’s exit.

“We have not sanctioned any activity like that. Actually, what we have sanctioned is for the regional leadership, both in Tshwane in Johannesburg and in Ekurhuleni, to be able to investigate the conduct of these members and once (we) establish that these are members of the ANC in good standing, prefer charges against those. The president of ANC has spoken on all our behalf.”

Cosatu and the SACP in Gauteng say they fully support Zuma’s exit.

SACP’s Elias Tsebe says Zuma’s removal from office is long overdue.

“So we want to strongly voice out that his time has lapsed. You led and failed us. Let Comrade Ramaphosa lead us, so that we can improve the lives of people here in South Africa.”

The #ZumaMustGo has lambasted Zuma for allegedly making demands before he steps down.

Maumela says he must face prosecution.

“We don’t want any negotiations that the ANC president is doing with President Zuma. In (fact), we want him prosecuted right from the rape crime, including the 700 and something cases. He must be prosecuted for that.”

The group says they’re concerned about the lengthy discussions between Zuma and Ramaphosa.