African National Congress  (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa says the National Executive Committee (NEC) will meet on Monday over President Jacob Zuma’s future.

Ramaphosa says the talks are ongoing and should be handled delicately. He was speaking during the Mandela Release celebrations in Cape Town.

Thousands of ANC supporters wearing the party’s signature black, green and yellow colours have gathered for the rally at the hugely symbolic Grand Parade.

On Tuesday, Ramaphosa postponed a special NEC meeting which was scheduled for last Wednesday, saying his engagements with President Zuma were “fruitful and constructive.”

Ramaphosa addressed the crowd at the exact time when Nelson Mandela spoke when he was released on February the eleventh in 1990.

“The NEC of the ANC will be meeting tomorrow to discuss this very matter and because our people want this matter to be finalised the NEC will be doing precisely that. I say this comrades because we know you want this matter to be finalised. We know you want closure on this matter. Comrades, as you do want closure we will be doing so keeping our eyes on what is in the interest of all our people and how we continue to unite the nation,” Ramphosa said.