Zimbabweans working and doing business at the border post in Limpopo are optimistic their country’s economy will back on its feet in less than a year.

Speaking with the SABC at the Beit Bridge border post, they emphasised the need to revive the country’s agricultural sector.

They now hope to visit South Africa as tourists, not as job seekers. It was celebrations and jubilations and yearning to return home for good.

These Zimbabwean citizens have described Mugabe’s resignation as breath of fresh air, they told harrowing stories of economic hardship under Mugabe’s reign.

Zimbabwe is teaming with natural resource. These people believe that with enough diligence their economy will be on track in just under a year.

One of the Zimbabwean nationals shared their excitement. “I’m very happy. I have never been so happy in my life. We salute the soldiers. They did their work very well.”

Another Zimbabwean national had this to say, “We are happy. We still respect Mugabe as the father of our nation. Our country will be fine now. Those who want to come and open their business in our country are free to do so. We are happy and celebrating what Mugabe did. No one has died. We all wanted to be free.”

Zimbabwe was once brandished the bread basket of Africa,but its controversial land reform programme saw farmers driven out, sparking a major slump in the economy.

The Zimbabweans have also called on white farmers who located to SA and Mozambique during the controversial land reform program to return to the country and help revive the once booming agricultural sector.”